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The American Hovawart Club

The idea for the American Hovawart Club (AHC) started in late 2002 by a few Hovawart enthusiasts.  This group wanted to start a club that worked in the best way for the Hovawart AND in the best way for its membership. This group of Hovawart enthusiasts worked to develop the AHC’s Constitution, Bylaws, Code of Ethics and Breeding requirements.  Their first event was held in Pottstown, Pennsylvania in 2004 and they continue to hold annual events across the United States.  

The AHC’s goal, from its inception, was and still is, to build relationships with Hovawart clubs and persons, around the world, that want to work in the best interest of the breed.  The AHC is a friendly, open minded organization and we encourage our Board, and Members to work with each other and to foster relationships with other Hovawart enthusiasts worldwide. We encourage our members to participate in activities with their Hovawart and to become good ambassadors for the breed.  Our events welcome all people with a Hovawart, no matter where their Hovawart dog is from or whether it is spayed/neutered.  The Hovawart is a rare breed in North America, and the more Hovawart dogs people can meet, the more we all learn about the breed.  Our events are friendly, educational and our intent is that the attendees enjoy themselves and also learn more about the Hovawart.

The AHC Board of Directors has the responsibility of the daily operation of the club, but the AHC is a democratic club and it belongs to its members.  Its membership has a vote regarding all important decisions that may affect the future of the breed in the United States, North America and the AHC.

The AHC is a hobby club, but we are serious about doing right by the Hovawart.  We only breed with Hovawart dogs that meet the FCI Breed Standard 190 and all breeding dogs must pass various health and temperament tests.  Per the FCI Breed Standard, the Hovawart dog is a very old German working breed that was a “farm/yard watchman”. They should be powerful and of medium size and medium temperament.  They are a versatile breed, and can be an excellent companion, guard, tracking and rescue dog.  Hovawart dogs should be confident, able to handle stressful situations, and have a balanced nature. They should not be nervous or fearful.  Our member dogs are family companions first, but many also participate with their Hovawarts in various outdoor activities such as: running, bicycling, skijoring, swimming, hiking, dock diving and more.  Some members train with their hovies for fun, and some are involved in competition trials that include: Conformation, Agility, Rally-O, Obedience, Nose Work, and Tracking, while others participate as a Therapy dog and in SAR.

The AHC has grown over the years, but more importantly, it is growing in the correct way with its members building relationships with each other and educating themselves about the breed. Members are encouraged to participate in the AHC by sending in articles and photos for the website, newsletter and Facebook page, to join a committee  such as the event committee, participate on the Breeding Committee or run for a position on the Board.  New Board and general members bring fresh ideas to the organization and events.

We appreciate and thank all our members for their support by being a member and contributing to the Newsletter, Web content and Facebook page.  Additional thanks goes to those who have served on the Board and/or hosted an AHC event.  Without all of you, the AHC would not exist.

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