AHC'S 2022 Annual Specialty Breed Event

June 24th - June 26th
Orondo, Washington

Event Registration Form

Save the date! The AHC’s Annual 2022 Event is occurring on the west coast this year.  We will have a conformation event, temperament test, and many fun hovi games at the event.  Hosted by Susan and Larry Garka, the event will take at their home in Orondo, Washington. This is an event for all Hovawart dogs and their people! 




WHEN: June 24th - June 26th

WHERE: Orondo, Washington


HOST: Susan & Larry Garka


JUDGE: Kees van Gorp

* Conformation and temperament testing for Hovawart dogs of all ages, intact or neutered

* ​Pre- registration required by June 12, 2022. 

​* ​Spectators are welcome with advance notice to the AHC.

* ​Lunch available on- site Saturday and Sunday for a reasonable fee.

* ​Dinner available at event site on Friday and Saturday evening for a reasonable fee.

​* ​See below for registration form, event rules, hotel & campground info and more.

* Talks on various subjects about the Hovawart will be given throughout the weekend event!



  • In order to receive the Member registration fees /price, a legible and completed Registration form with deposit must be received by AHC, no later than June 1, 2022. Registrations received after June 1, will be charged the non-member fee. The registration deposit is non-refundable, unless a refund request is approved by the AHC Board.

  • There will be a “Ring Steward” and “Monitor” for all AHC Events, as well as an “on deck” area. This will ensure that each Hovi team competitor is ready to enter the ring when it is their turn and to facilitate that the entrance / exit ring areas provide easy passage and less drama.  


  • Each dog must be on leash and under control at all times, unless in a designated off leash area or directed by the judge or evaluator to take off leash. Please be sure to ask the owner of any dog if it is OK to approach their dog. Owners are responsible for ensuring there is a safe distance between dogs at all times. 

  • Children must be supervised at all times. (Note: Remind your children not all dogs are used to small children and should ask the owner if it’s OK to approach the dog.)


  • Please be courteous of the judge and others during the events and hold conversations to a minimum volume as they can be distracting. An option is also to move away from the spectator area for conversations.


  • The AHC will not delay the start of the Event or any Class if owner and dog are late or not prepared to participate at the start time. Your registration fee will be forfeited unless approved for refund after the event by the Board of Directors. The Participant must write to the Board with an explanation regarding their request for a refund. 


  • AHC Member Hovawart dogs who have earned a BIS, Best Dog or Best Bitch with an Excellent rating at an AHC Event and who have also passed the AHC Adult Temperament/Behavior Test, will earn the title of AHC Club Champion. 


  • AHC Member Hovawart dogs earning two Best in Shows, Best Bitch or Best Dog with the AHC with an Excellent Rating, at two separate events under two different judges AND have passed the AHC Adult Temperament/Behavior Test with Recommended to Breed status, will earn the title AHC Grand Champion.


  • All Hovawart dogs, with a FCI recognized registration, will be eligible for all prizes unless neutered before 8 years of age.


  • Dogs may be disqualified or their owners asked to remove them from the AHC Event Site, if they show undue aggression towards any person or dog attending the AHC Event, as determined by the AHC Judge and 2 Board or Show Committee members. 


  • The AHC Board, Show Committee and/or Show Host reserves the right to remove or have removed, any person attending the AHC Event Site for behavior they believe to be inappropriate.  This includes but is not limited to:  Negative behavior or talk towards or about other event attendees; negative talk or behavior about other attendee’s dogs; arguing with or disrespecting the judge, behavior test evaluator/s, speakers or any other person who is assisting at the event; or for exhibiting other behavior deemed unacceptable (as determined by the AHC Board, Judge and/or Show host) and causing discomfort for other event attendees.  Attendees should bring any unacceptable behavior of a dog or person, immediately, to the attention of the host and an AHC board member.


  • All Hovawart dogs participating in the AHC event in Conformation, with the exception of puppies and super senior dogs, will be given a written evaluation and a detailed evaluation form covering the structure of the dog from nose to tail.  Puppies and Super Seniors will receive a written evaluation only.  All participants will receive a Certificate of Placement and ribbon.  (Evaluation and detail of structure forms may be mailed at a later date.)


  • All Hovawart dogs participating in the AHC Temperament/Behavior Test, will receive a copy of the evaluation form complete with comments from the evaluators.  Dogs that pass the Temperament/ Behavior Test will receive a Certificate.  Adult dogs that fail the test may be re-tested at another date. (Temperament Testing forms may be mailed at a later date.)  Females in heat will be tested last. 


  • Event attendees may speak with the Judge and/or Temperament/Behavior Test evaluators regarding the evaluation of his/her dogs Conformation or Temperament/Behavior Test results after the completion of all Conformation Classes and/or once all dogs have completed the Temperament/Behavior Test.  To prevent any possible bias, do not provide the judge with information on your dog’s pedigree before the Conformation event.


Conformation Class Information:


  • Working – To participate in the working class, the dog must have at minimum the following working titles:  BH + Sch1, 2 or 3; OR, BH + FH1, 2 or 3; in addition, they must have passed the adult AHC /Behavior test.  If your Hovawart has a tracking title + obedience title other than those listed, or has been certified in SAR by FEMA, NASAR, or other nationally recognized certification organization AND has passed the Adult AHC /Behavior Test, please contact an AHC Board Member to see if your Hovawart may participate in the working class.


  • Champion – Meets the requirements listed above for AHC Champion or has earned a CACIB at an FCI or FCI recognized event.


  • Dynasty – The Dynasty class is a new offering.  This class is separate from the other classes and an Award will be given to each “Dynasty” group, with the top group winning a Best of Dynasty Class.  Each Dynasty group will include at minimum 3 dogs that are related.  For example:  3+ littermates; or Dam and 2+ of her offspring; Or Sire and 2+ of his offspring; Or Mother and her littermate and an offspring; etc.  A dam and sire cannot be in the same Dynasty group, as they should not be related.  If you have any questions regarding qualifying for this class, please contact Susan at  vtfhovawarts@msn.com 




  • The registration form is set up in WORD as a FORM that can be filled out in a word processing program by using your tab key to move from one field to the next.  Check boxes will be filled in by hitting the space bar on your keyboard.


  • Please use back of form to add information if you are entering more than 2 Hovawart dogs in the weekend event.  Check the appropriate boxes on the front of the form for dogs 1-4.


  • Entries due via email or hard copy by June 12, 2022. Deposits due no later than June 20, 2022 (mailed to the address provided on the registration form).



North Central Washington is a vacation destination area and very popular year round, with the main attractions being the local wineries, Lake Chelan, the Columbia River, Grand Coulee Dam and Leavenworth.  Before booking, be sure to double check that the hotels still accept pets (they did at the time of this writing), but some hotels have limited pet rooms available. It is highly suggested to make reservations well in advance if you plan to attend the event. The sooner, the better!



Mountain View Lodge and Resort                 

25 Wapato Point Parkway Manson WA 98831   

Prices vary per accommodations, Approx 17 miles to show site

Pets allowed in some accommodations, http://www.mvlresort.com  P: 509-687-9505

Lakeside Lodge and Suites                 

2312 W Woodin Ave Chelan, WA 98816     

Approx 10 miles to show site, Pet rooms available.https://lakesidelodgeandsuites.com   P: 800-468-2781

Midtowner Hotel  

721 E Woodin Ave Chelan, WA 98816     

Approx 9 miles to show site, Pet rooms available.  http://www.midtowner.com   P: 800-572-0943

Kelly’s Resort                        

12800 S Lakeshore Rd Chelan, WA 98816   

Approx 22 miles to show site, Pet Friendly Cabins

(Pets allowed off leash on trails behind cabins and allowed to swim in the lake behind the gas dock.)

www.kellysresort.com  P: 800-561-3220

Chelan Rentals Resort (formerly Uncle Tim’s Cabins)

1800 Cooper Gulch Rd Manson, WA 98831   

Approx. 18 miles to show site. Pet Friendly Cabins, Lots of trails for biking, running, dogs can be off leash on trails. http://www.chelanrentals.com  P: 509-687-8467

Coast Hotel                        

201 N Wenatchee Ave Wenatchee, WA 98801   

Approx 35 miles (40 minutes) to show site. Pet Friendly Rooms. www.coasthotels.com P: 800-716-6199

Travel Lodge

1004 N Wenatchee Ave Wenatchee, WA 98801   

Approx 34 miles from show site. Pet Friendly Rooms  www.wyndhamhotels.com  P: 800-662-8165

Additional Wenatchee Hotels that accept pets include:

  • Holiday Inn Express

  • Red Lion Hotel

  • Comfort Inn 

  • Motel 6 

  • La Quinta 



Beebe Bridge

3 miles to show site. On Columbia River. No reservations, first come, first served.



Daroga State Park    

10 Miles to show site. On Columbia River. Reservations accepted. http://parks.state.wa.us/495/Daroga 


Lincoln Rock State Park 

25 Miles from show site. On Columbia River. Reservations accepted. http://parks.state.wa.us/541/Lincoln-Rock  



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