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Board Members

AHC members, at all time, will act solely in the best interest of the Hovawart; and agree to promote and foster the highest standards among breeders, owners, and persons interested in the breed; and will encourage cooperation in the improvement, advancement, and protection of the breed. The American Hovawart Club does not endorse nor support the addition of the Hovawart to the AKC due to our strong belief that the AKC does not work to preserve FCI breed standards or strive to maintain the health or original temperament, structure, and working ability of breeds.

President - Beatrice Foster

Vice President - Francesca Hanks

 Secretary - Stacey Mack

Treasurer - Ben Phillips

Non Board Positions

Newsletter Editor -   Stacey Mack


Data Base Administrator - Susan Garka

Social Media Administrator - Bea Foster 

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